by No Getter

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Some recordings we did live in the basement that we practice in.

All songs written and performed by No Getter.
Recorded in March 2016.

No Getter is: Alex, Jordan, Tommy, Clay


released March 12, 2016



all rights reserved


No Getter Omaha, Nebraska

We're just some stumbling twenty-somethings, hoping you can relate.

Since Winter 2015.
Cry or die.

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Track Name: Hail Mary
If it were up to me, you'd think it'd be the other way around.
Sometimes it's hard to think, when you're speaking out of both sides of your mouth.
I recall your statement to judge and jury, and the verdict is figured out.
Shit luck as nothing to do with where we are now.

This time the penance is heavy.
Say ten or twenty hail mary's and count them on your hand.
Go back to 750's, Sundays drunk on cheap whiskey and brand new plans.

Soon I'll say I'm gonna see you from the other side.
If I keep it up this way, you'll know that I was always right.
'Cause at a real young age, I've always felt an early grave and heard rusty limousines heading the other way.

If it matters, I don't mind this pattern.
Inside I'm cold, knowing I won't ever fit the mold.
If it matters, I don't mind this pattern.
We learn to grow in seasons that aren't our own.
Track Name: Walk You Home
Sometimes I feel it in my fists.
I'm a ghost to some that I don't miss.
Cutting my teeth and time with new routines.
I know the streets are dark but you don't have to leave alone.

Hey, can I walk you home?
I know it's late but I can't call it a night yet.
Shit, where are we?
If you can read my mind, then smile back in the street light.
With you around, there's nowhere else I need to be.

I hope you know, to me, you're glowing.
I'll go but I know time won't change a thing.
Can't erase, and won't trade any second of holding any off-key notes that I can yell your way. Can I yell your way?
Track Name: Consonance (Acoustic)
I'll look you in the eyes and try to say it softly, but the past is knocking down my goddamn door - and it won't stop - and some nights I'd scream, through slurred speech, picturing your heavy-hearted eyes on the floor. While I swing with all the weight in finding balance. Chip on both your shoulders marks me low most, I suppose. Yeah, you're right - I was a wreck and god, I've been reckless truth be told guess we'll never know.

To calm me down or call you out, forget it - for now, I'm gonna paint you in reds and blacks. 'Cause I caught the urge to cause some hurt after I've been through hell and back. Selfish as the days add up with my first foot in the grave, I wish I held my nose so high that I drowned when it rained. I'm bent on being honest, so if my talk's too hard to take, hell knows I never wanted that.

Kid come back, come back, come back to life!
I know theres more going on inside your head than the last time we spoke, stuck living out your lies.

(whoa's x 666)